Mental Illness? or - Salvation                                                               Copyright ©2014 Hazel Gay

Hazel Gay's To Heal the Broken-Hearted

I’m enclosing many of my songs along with my book because
they were such an integral part of my healing. Being able to express
my feelings with the music is another form of therapy for me.
Simply click on a song to hear it.

If you are interested in downloading any songs here’s how: When you click on song and you decide you want to download. Click on the 3 dots on right. That brings up download arrow to click on. All songs are MP3.

My Songs ©Hazel Gay

From my 1984 album “With All My heart”

Rainbows ©1980
Touch Me ©1974
Sunrise on the Sierra Nevada ©1979
Goin’ to Mexico ©1980
Can’t You Hear Me  ©1976
Like Jon Does ©1976
Nina’s Song ©1981  (My daughter had written a poem and asked me to put it to music.)
Dottie’s Song ©1980
I Am a Singer ©1980

A Song the producers thought was not right for the album.

Arbuckle Ballroom ©1981

I had been feeling like I wanted to write a song for a few years and nothing happened.
♫One morning in the fall of 1973 I woke up about 6:30 and by 7:00 my first song was there.
I was shocked: it was a country song! After I thought about it I decided I should not be too surprised since that was the kind of music my mother had always listened to when I was growing up. I wrote my first three during the next two days.

Prineville Jail ©1973 Hazel Gay
Grandpa Ran a Still ©1973 Hazel Gay

Me and My Guitar (Songs written after the album)

Rainy Mountain ©1986
(Written after reading N. Scott Momaday’s “The Way to Rainy Mountain”)
Phoenix  ©1987
I Never Said Goodbye ©1986
Today  ©1997
How Can I Draw the Wind ©1997
That’s When I Started Loving You  ©1986
A True Singer ©1998
A Song I”ll Never Sing ©1987
I found a simple rendition of Like Jon Does; done in a studio with just my guitar.
Like Jon Does ©1976

 Miscellaneous songs:

I Didn’t Know Any Love Songs ©1978
The Need in Me ©1981
She Planted Cherry Trees ©1982
He Was Still a Young Man ©1983
Summer ’76 ©1976
I May Not Ever Know ©1981
Why Was I Afraid ©1976
Pass It On ©1978 (Recorded at an African American church in Las Vegas 1980

 Poems that I put to music: 

Mutterings Over the Crib of a Deaf Child
Poem by James Wright
Muddy Roads
Poem by Jesse Stuart(FIXED!)